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Data base corporate code issues make an interesting backdrop for personal issues

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You look up and time flies. That’s why soap operas need to be (ought to be) saved. When I think of how poorly the momentum and the mood of the Young and The Restless was just 18 months ago I say to myself: is the show 400% better [?], or am I just in a better space when I watch it?

Objectively and by fact the show’s writing has had a positive transformation in my out of the “loop” and very humble opinion. Simply put, the new issues:
1) computer code;
2) corporate data espionage;
3) international cartels, always dramatic on The #YR, but now real;
4) family, company and business clashing where
i) the character *knows* by definition of being in moral choices among people where the backdrop activity, specifically, high finance, law, medicine, business, corporate research, computer data base security, ALWAYS a matter best judged and acted on in an efficient, task-oriented, no touchy-feely stoic rationality;

ii) the reality of (i) above is that the heart always leads the head. Those who can “control” their emotions, in my opinion, in most intense situations, *allow* that emotional wave, vibration, or whatever new or old age term they want to call the rush that come son dramatic “breaking” news of some event, *only then* will they consider all possibilities with highest rationality. This is why Eric Braeden’s own character, Victor Christian Newman remains the most intriguing actor on daytime if not all of television, certainly free television, as only that of a James Spader or Anderson Cooper have the star power, rightly earned, to make one watch the “dreaded” television.


for Natalie’s line “I’ve been waiting for this all my life”


Maybe the shwi can get Phil on the show for 20 minutes with Bryton James re-opening a recording studio in Genoa City.  A “Devon Hamilton Music Festival” at Lambeau thsi summer?  There are some story lines if you take one short turn on one branch of a larger story, yeah?  Would the Packers say say no?  Would Josh “air guitar man” Morrow say no? Would Bryton or Braeden ever say no?  Most importantantly, would fantastic bands perform?

To that I ask the question Tina Fey asked my wife in her dream last night: do you NEED A F-ING DISASTER for good musicians to sponataneously play for free in mass in return for such reasonable behavior from fans as is need *not* to require anything but a most minimal law enforcement presence – mainly one needed for parking.  If all is contained in Lambeau (who owns Lambeau, the citizenzs of green Bay, Wisconsin, led by their governor SCOTT WALKER?)  Hamiltonfest 2016, Lambeau Field.  Devon stops WORRYING SO MUCH about the truth of the “mo money mo problems” issue anbd START HAVING SOME SERIOUS, REASONABLE FUN!


Dana Matherton (pen name)/



The Young And The Restless, Friday, January 15, 2016 | The Newman’s, The Abbott’s & The Santori Cartel

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In Too Deep - Genesis - Invisible Touch - Young and the Resless speed chart - greg rikaart in too deep - image by meanspeed music_0121

In Too Deep – Genesis – Invisible Touch – Young and the Resless speed chart – greg rikaart in too deep – image by meanspeed music_0121



Issue – Will Natalie be the Savior?



This episode hits on the issue of our time: database security.  Introduced to conquer issues created thereby: ‘Natalie,’ the data security expert.

Issue: To take Billy Abbott IV off of life support or not?

What do you think?