Day: October 21, 2011

The Grace of Stevie Wonder’s AS + Genesis’ IT’S GONNA GET BETTER | Paralleled in The Young And The Restless® + The Bold And The Beautiful ® | Soap Box Score, Legal Speed Maps, Legal Videos

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Genesis_It's Gonna_Get_Better_Jeff_Branson_Chance_Chancellor_IV

Genesis_It’s Gonna_Get_Better_Jeff_Branson_Chance_Chancellor_IV



Each day for over three years I have kept the soap box score of family-company-business interaction and the plot that goes therewith.

The two television shows featured, all intellectual property rights to the  showa, Bell Dramatic Seriel Company®, SONY® and CBS®.

At this point in both show – late October 2011, the focus has shifted, as you can see in the charts, to a “Family First” mode.

Soap Box Score | Family Company Business on the Young and the Restless