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Goodbye Clarence. Love from Genesis and their song "FOR ABSENT FRIENDS" – the speed of compassionate grace. BPM Maps by the Annie Sullivan Jackson students. YouTube performance in HONOR of the BIG MAN.

attitude, Mood, rhythm entrainment, Self-Control, tempo maps, tempo_infographic June 20, 2011

Two students of the House wrote in and basically asked: “Since I want to honor Clarence Clemons, yet I am too sad to listen to his music, and you seem to like that band Genesis so much – what song did they ever play that gently sad.

tempo_mood_infographic_For_Absent_Friends- Genesis- We-love-Clarence Clemons_New_Jersey_Free_School_bpm_map

tempo_mood_infographic_For_Absent_Friends- Genesis- We-love-Clarence Clemons_New_Jersey_Free_School_bpm_map

Immediately I thought of FOR ABSENT FRIENDS, one of the best songs ever by Genesis.

Personally, both my grandfathers’ names were Jack, both grandmothers’ were Anna.  All four lived within a 5 minute drive of downtown Asbury Park in Bradley Beach, New Jersey.  I think the song fits.  Songs within 1% speed of the median expected tempo or mean speed of FOR ABSENT FRIENDS, from the catalog by the meanspeed® music company:

DREAM OF THE RETURN/ Pate Metheny Group

ELSEWHERE/ Sarah McLachlan

LET IT BE/ The Betales

SO FAR AWAY/ Carole King

God be with your family, which is the whole family who love good music.   If I see you after I get hit by a bus: I know I lived a good life and am in the right place.


Jackson Winters

Jackie Winters

James Manningsan

June 19, 2011

some other views of the song-

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  • phil collins singing! :D words and music by steve hackett and phil collins

    rael3554 3 days ago
  • yes phil collins….

    Gigs507 1 week ago
  • Banks explained that this song was composed by Collins and Hackett to show others what they can do. I would not have minded if they Collins and Hackett had done a whole album by themselves!

    Gentilseulement 1 week ago
  • It feels fantastic when I listen this song and watch the image of the album.

    Gentilseulement 1 week ago
  • This is actually Phil, this song was notably his first lead vocal performance.

    Jowsefwood 4 weeks ago
  • It’s clearly Phil.

    kyla2112 1 month ago
  • Lovely song that gives you vivid images. I like “For Absent Friends” by Opeth better personally :P but this is a very nice song.

    SlappaDeBassMon 1 month ago
  • @SlappaDeBassMon I prefer “For Absent Friends ” in Steve Hackett’s album ” Genesis revisited” ; very good album !

    ladislas59 1 month ago
  • Definitely Phil Collins singing :)

    ukchrisp 1 month ago
  • Yep this is Phil! He isn’t credited for vocals though. Collins and Hackett wrote this one.

    1984therocker 1 month ago
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    Tommygun1028 1 month ago
  • It’s Collins.

    SuperTdarling 2 months ago
  • It’s Phil Collins. Pete was the main vocalist back then, but Phil was contributing from early on in his tenure. That was part of the reason Pete felt he could depart after Lamb.

    siriusjiones 2 months ago
  • Si comprende subito che è Phil Collins.

    angelo7513 2 months ago
  • great song

    Robinator7991 3 months ago
  • great son

    Robinator7991 3 months ago
  • A wonderful, sad little song evoking an England gone forever. I’ve always loved it, I suppose the ideas behind it of loss, sadness and a very English way of coping with it appeal to my pent up nature.

    Crochetify 3 months ago
  • Hit me … but I prefer the version in “Genesis revisited” by Steve Hackett .

    ladislas59 3 months ago
  • great, I confirm that’s Phil’s voice :)

    Yogurt2345 3 months ago
  • singing praise him,praise him……..

    2snagglepuss 4 months ago
  • phil singing here..

    TheDekstro 6 months ago 6
  • Phil Collins sings it!!!!

    ballerino0 6 months ago 2
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    breatjb 6 months ago
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    breatjb 6 months ago
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    breatjb 6 months ago
  • Does anyone else agree this song is extraordinarily evocative, You can just picture the church, the village green, the bus coming to collect them. It just to me captures what English Sundays in the Seventies were like. Its such a modest little song but there’s something so fascinating about it.

    Marillionboy 7 months ago 14
  • @Marillionboy i tottaly agree with you man!from BRAZIL

    breatjb 5 months ago
  • @Marillionboy . Agree with you 100%! You’ve summed up exactly what I’m thinking whenever I listen to this track!

    davyedge 2 months ago
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    davyedge 2 months ago
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    davyedge 2 months ago
  • One of the first songs that Genesis lets Collins sing. And it is a challenging song to sing in tune. Go try it!

    bluehen111 7 months ago
  • @bluehen111 the first one

    767fife 6 months ago
  • If you like this song please check for the version by troubleclef that is fantastic.

    Polydrusus 7 months ago
  • phil collins sings…sure…

    sidf78 7 months ago
  • Collins and Hackett made their studio debut in 1971 on Nursery Cryme, which features the epic “The Musical Box” and Collins’s first lead vocal performance in “For Absent Friends”, the song was also the first written by new members Collins and Hackett within the band.

    kamz73 7 months ago
  • @kamz73 – Fuck Noel Gallagher!

    MrLuigi42 7 months ago
  • Masterpiece.

    Burt472 7 months ago
  • I’m in a computer lab. There are two dumb college girls going on and on and on about how drunk they were at a party over the weekend, and how unfair their professors are.

    I’m glad I’m listening to this song on my headphones.

    unknownkingdom 8 months ago
  • @unknownkingdom that is a win on your part

    Daltonjabs 8 months ago
  • @Daltonjabs You have chosen the right path my young friend.I wish my son or daughter in college wud listen to this stuff.All the best from NYC.

    moco635 3 months ago
  • genesis with peter was the best time !!!!.. I like collins too, but it’s a total different sound.

    lilmilye 8 months ago
  • This one is Phil singing, although the verson we have is Peter ^^.

    autumnclaw 8 months ago
  • trust yourself only my friend: this is the first unofficial rehearsal with phil singing, before ‘more fool me’ in Selling England. fine at ears, though nothing to do with gabriel’s dissociated vibrations.

    YouthOobe 9 months ago
  • so beautiful thanks for sharing!!!!

    elisaloba 9 months ago
  • yes, you’re right. It’s the first Genesis track sung by Phil ;)

    IlaMoon 10 months ago
  • @IlaMoon

    Hi there. :) Yes, I think the same, it is sung by Phil Collins, but… Backing vocals are from Peter Gabriel as well and I recognize his voice during the voice doubled places.

    composer54 9 months ago
  • @composer54 Yup. True.

    2c26 9 months ago
  • By the way…Phil Collins didn’t have a predominant voice in the music industry when this song came out. So I don’t think many Genesis fans were really “looking” for his voice on the albums. and then there were three…..

    yaswicoaches 10 months ago
  • I use to listen to this everyday when I was 13 and 14 back in ’77-’78. I never realized it was Phil singing until 2008. But I hadn’t listened to it “with intention” until then.

    yaswicoaches 10 months ago
  • You’re absolutely right: he’s Phil Collins who sings this wonderful ballad

    TonioLogoluso 11 months ago
  • Yep, it’s Collins alright. One of the rare leads by Collins before Gabriel’s departure.

    blackwater009 11 months ago
  • Written and played by Steve Hackett. Sung by Phil Collins……..

    heehaa99 11 months ago
  • Collins sings

    Jolle61 1 year ago
  • Yup, This is the first Genesis song that features Phil on vocals.

    dakkota74 1 year ago
  • Wonderful upload thanks- and for your absent friends- anyone who thinks- even for a millisecond- that Pete is singing this track has no ears.

    Not that a true Genesis or Phil fan would need to, but you can confirm this information in less than a second on Google.

    God Bless you Phil

    jessicafischerqueen 1 year ago
  • Aw that was too short.

    TrandomnesstwO 1 year ago
  • i agree. always the sign of a good song. too short.

    txeire 1 year ago
  • @TrandomnesstwO

    it´ s too good too

    idiamin59 11 months ago
  • thought so :)

    sceptile759 1 year ago
  • yes, Phil Collins.

    : )

    haalord 1 year ago
  • there is no doubt that is PHIL singing this song. you are right..take a bow. :-)